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Sam D. Mann

12 June 2009

Warning To Affiliate Marketers

It blows my mind how some of these Internet marketers think. The way I see it is like this: They whole-heartedly believe that their customers are just cash cows to be milked. Well, you might be a cash cow, but I'm certainly not some kinda dumb A**ed cow just waiting to be milked. These persons give the impression to imagine they can sponsor crap and get compensated to do so. Crap will forever be crap, even if you pick and choose the unattractive bits out of it and polish over it with a crap-glossing piece of equipment. It's still just gleaming expensive crap. Move Off The Series of Foolishness You Would like:To Create Money Online... To be fiscally secure... The finest building in the neighbourhood... 1st Class tickets to interesting locations... “But there’s a drawback” You're On The Cycle Of Madness You know you’re on the cycle of madness when... You’re on every Tom, Dick, Harry and Mary’s List.Everyday you have a thousand emails to read. You helplessly jump from one guru’s product to the next. The money’s in The List! That's what they tell you right to your face while they pull cash out of your pockets easier than stealing candy from a babe-in-arms. (At least the baby will cry out loud but you don't even sound a mild protest!!) You don't even realise that by the time you get halfway through reading all the sales pitches... You’ve fallen for the big promises to riches from one product hawker to the next... And (instinctively like a hampster on a tread-mill) you keep doing that day after day. You observe in terror as your wallet gets thinner and thinner and ALL your plastics are dried up and shrivelled out - they've got no more sap left in them. Yet... You still keep on doing it!! More emails come in. You leave your work and go study about another product. You buy it. You plan to use it but before the ink's dried on the sales invoice, another one takes your fancy. You buy that one too and you make a mental note to use it... Then you're reading another sales letter and so the cycle continues. How many times have you done that lately? WHEN will you stop the cycle of madness? I’m sure you know deep down inside that the cycle of insanity is ONE of the main reasons why you’re NOT making any money from your Internet marketing activities. I know you’ve heard it before, but the sales records are showing that you’re not listening. So, I'll just have to shout it out... Stop throwing away your money!! WOW!! It sure felt good to get that off my chest...I don’t know if you’re connecting here with me, but I'll let you into a secret... I used to do EXACTLY all those things!! UNTIL I stopped the cycle ... and guess what happened? I started making money (real money)... When I Learned How To Drive Traffic To My Websites. All of a sudden everything seemed to make sense.I stopped reading all those crap emails.I stopped buying products I didn't need.I was working for myself.Instead of wasting money - I was making money. Which reminds me, before I forget, I have something important to tell you... You don't get rich forking out cash all the time. Make a mental note of that snippet of advice and follow through with it! Are you still hankering to go read your emails? Let me tell you this: The gurus that send you emails every week aren’t your friends at all and you should know that by now. To them, you’re just a new buyer to suck dry. "The Money's In The List". As long as you stay on their list, they'll suck you dry. Ask yourself this... If the stuff they're selling was actually so shit hot, then why hasn’t YOUR bank balance improved since you started following them around like a hungry dog? Don't get me wrong. I have no problem spending money to make money. What I have a problem with is: Spending money on crap you don't need or don't use. You see and experience it everyday. All these “guru's” recommending their friends products just to cash in. You know that, because all the emails are the same. They know that they only have to shove it down your throat and you will buy it. Even though you know in your heart.. You don't need those tools and ebooks - you really don't need them!! And I'll tell you this: If you don't need something, don't buy it. With all the buying you've been doing... Why hasn’t your lifestyle changed for the better? Why aren’t you driving that ’shiny red’ sports car? Why don’t you have a house on the beach front? Why... ? Why.. ? Why.. ? Go here for the full Internet marketing product review of The Millionairs League

Rumors, Lies and Affiliate Marketing

The objective of this article is to make you conscious about avoiding mistakes that are assassinating Internet marketers' success before it even starts. After understanding this, you'll be clear on the principal challenges existing for someone who's trying to discover how to build a lucrative Internet enterprise in 2009. With a bit of luck, it will make clear to you and direct you to the path of considerable profits. Welcome to the land of Fantasy and Chaos? Most new Internet marketers seem to be bewildered.. Weighed down... Don't know where to begin or what they must be doing from one day to the next. Are you in the same boat; experiencing the same thing? If you are, keep reading for the reason that this report will be your �lighthouse� in these rough waters of uncertainty � and will save you from �drowning�. The other problem is, you have a lot of �worthless junk� floating around in your brain. Now here�s a tip� Until you get GOOD at what you're doing, it's just darn difficult to tell the difference between what's �junk� and what's really good stuff�. This is a vicious cycle that leads to chaos and dissatisfaction? Be Opportunistic Most Internet marketers today are spinning in the �make money quick� groove! Nothing wrong with that at all, but the catch is, opportunities come and go. The perfect case in point is after you grow to be a "Glutton for punishment" where you fall for the rip off artist advertising their "push-a button" - Build-100-sites - Make-$10,000-a-month-with-adsense or whatever... To break this you should to be a intelligent marketer building REAL businesses that will make you successful.You should have a business-building mindset. The big winners online are the people who know how to turn an opportunity into a business. Most importantly, you should stop �reacting� and start creating. Learning how to focus on the critical business building factors is a necessary step to being profitable on the Internet.The Lack of a Complete A to Z Internet Marketing Business Building Course of actionTo the newbie, these courses just add another layer of confusion � it literally throws gas on the fire of information overload. Here's a story for you. Clever Harry buys a course "Getting Rich With Google Adwords" and he's all excited as he rushes about to set up a PPC campaign and... You guessed right, it bombs!! To his horror, he finds that he's losing $100 a day. He's not sure why, so he gets cold feet and quits. What next? Clever Harry buys another course. It's all about making a ton of cash launching products. The product is great and others are getting world-class results with it. So he does all the techniques yet it bombs. Why? Because he's missing too many other pieces of the puzzle. Here's a quick question for you. Will a sports car's engine start if you disconnect the spark plug? No. Just imagine that... 1 little part can stop all the hundreds of other parts from doing their job if it's not in place. That's the same thing with Internet marketing. Most gurus want you to believe that their product is "the missing link". Maybe it's ONE OF THEM, but in most cases most beginner marketers are missing 100 links or more. The bad part is, they don't know what they are missing. That's why they are so vulnerable to every sales pitch that comes their way. The dirty secret the gurus aren't telling you is: They are pretty damn good at just about ALL OF IT. But, their belief in "specialization" prevents them from telling you this. That's bloody evil - especially when they band together in a "circle of friends" and JV each other's products. Get Your 3-day Stealth Marketing Course Here

11 June 2009

The Affiliate Marketing Trap

You’re NOT getting enough targeted traffic... And WITHOUT traffic you are NOT going to make a single red cent! Want to know what I can do for you today? I can reveal ONE SYSTEM in ’absolute’ detail. ... that when applied correctly from start to finish EXACTLY in the order it’s compiled ... you will get an instant ’Traffic AND Cash’ Explosion practically overnight! YES. Once you turn your website on with THIS system... The traffic will be so ’super’ targeted, it will cause an almighty explosion of cash into your account like you’ve never seen EVER before! Don't be one of those silly wussies that treat online marketing as a hobby. It's not. You need tons of good targeted traffic and you now know where to get it - FOR FREE. It Really Is Possible For YOU To Get... Mind-blowing, targeted, free traffic With an endless supply of paying customers Without paying to get them to your site! This man LATIF will showed you how to Drive Traffic To YOUR Websites Knowledge is NOT power! Applied knowledge is... If you’re serious about making money and actually want to see it seamlessly flow into your bank account 24/7 then don’t think too hard... Acquire the KNOWLEDGE and APPLY it. It’s waiting for you here What will you be doing next? Waiting in a queue to the next audition for another attempt at the Reality Show. DO you want to be a socialist or A Money Machine? You decide. Do you want to remain in the Internet marketing Slums? Or do you seriously want to make a killing by getting server-blowing, targeted, FREE traffic with an endless supply of paying customers? You won’t be a millionaire tomorrow ... But you’ll start making money, From 3 figures to however high you want to take it. How do I know? Because this guy’s got every nut and bolt in place... So when you turn on the engine what you’re going to get is Mind-blowing, Targeted, FREE traffic that brings in an endless supply of cash-paying customers to your website!! The Time Has Come For You To Act Stop The Cycle Of Madness The Only Thing Worse Than A SlumDog is... “A SlumDog On The Cycle Of Madness” Go Get The Knowledge Of How To Drive Traffic To YOUR Websites. Go here for the full Internet marketing product review of Six Figure Yearly