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Sam D. Mann

12 November 2009

Six Rules for Keeping Your Business Profitable So You Make Money Online Fast This Christmas

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Sam D. Mann

Now then, here's an excellent article for you to read. Submitted by one of my many Guest Authors...

Six Rules for Keeping Your Business Profitable In A Rough Economy

by Terry Stanfield

Do you use a business to business prospecting company? Do you currently employ lead generation companies to allow your sales team to focus on selling? If you are curious as to whether your business can survive and even profit during a recession, this article is for you. This article will present six ways that your company can actually increase profits during a recession.

The following tips are ways your company can not only survive, but thrive during tough economic times. Increasing your marketing budget, using the power of leverage, focusing your efforts where they will be most effective, properly training your employees, providing excellent customer service and keeping a positive attitude are all ways to keep your business profitable in difficult economic times.

The first way for increasing profits during a recession may sound backwards, but increasing the amount of money you spend on marketing your business instead of reducing it is one thing that can help your business make a profit during a recession. Countless businesses make the mistake of considering their marketing an expense instead of an investment and wind up destroying their businesses by cutting back in this area.

The second way to increase profits during a recession is to leverage your time by employing a business to business prospecting company to perform outbound telemarketing for your company. This enables your employees to make better use of their time and resources.

The next tip is to change your focus from looking for new business to closing new and repeat business sales. If your telemarketing programs work the way they should, your employees can redirect their energies into closing more sales and making more money for the company and themselves.

The fourth way is to make sure your team receives the right training to work with the leads they get. The right training makes all the difference and will help your profits to skyrocket, even during a recession.

The fifth rule for keeping your business profitable in a down economy is providing top-notch service to your existing clients. Encouraging repeat sales is far more lucrative than repeatedly acquiring new customers, so making sure your current customers are contented must be your main goal.

The sixth and final tip for business success in tough economic times is keeping a positive attitude. People have a tendency to create the exact amount of success they believe they will and your positive attitude will be reflected in your employees' attitudes and achievements as well as your own.

Implementing the six ways listed above can help your business to increase profits during a recession. Business to business prospecting is one area to concentrate your marketing efforts in since this will make four of the six ways happen. Then all you have to worry about are the last two ways including treating your clients to outstanding service and maintaining an optimistic outlook.

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