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Sam D. Mann

06 February 2010

So, You Want Targeted Traffic Real Fast.. And FREE!

Good Job! You've published your website on the Internet. You are showing off a fantastic package as an affiliate You paid a lot for the creation of the sales page and it shows! You checked links and browser compatibility ...and the whole thing is functioning just fine How long has the page been up and you have yet to make a sale? And you ask yourself "Why Oh Why, has no one purchased my red-hot gizmo?" I will tell you why. Perhaps it is because they do not know about it being presented on your site?

Well, what do you do now?

You must get traffic to your website...please understand, you must get online visitors beating a path to your web page. Rabid buyers with credit cards at the ready must pay a visit to your web page or they sure won't ever get the chance to buy from you.

There are many practical forms of traffic generation, but each of them has to be handled in the right way if they are to be profitable.

One high quality traffic source is that of targeted pay-per-click (PPC) traffic. To find this traffic, you purchase click-thrus from people that have searched or clicked on a specific search word that is relevant to your site and offering. This traffic is different from search engine referral traffic only in that it is a result of a paid placement, while search engine referrals are in general not from paid placements.

Trailing behind these targeted sources of traffic, are countless sources providing untargeted traffic. These include exit traffic, pop-up or pop-under traffic, and redirected traffic. Without going into particulars on the assorted sources of these methods of traffic, let's just say this is generally speaking global unrelated traffic. Because of that, it is generally speaking both inexpensive and is linked with a very low response rate. Unconnected sources of traffic perhaps may be better managed by incorporating a "landing page" which may arouse some kind of intriguing awareness in you, or your product, or web site. This Landing Page then lures your visitors to click through to your website.

Having (ranted on about targeted traffic|said all of that|probably bored you to death about targeted traffic}, There's a special weapon waitng for you. It is FREE, and you can get it here...

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