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Sam D. Mann

19 January 2010

3 Essential Steps to Get Started the Right Way To Make Money Online Fast

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Now then, here's a great post for you to read. Submitted by one of my many Guest Authors...

Affiliate Business Opportunities: 3 Essential Steps to Get Started the Right Way and Earn Real Money

by Gene Jimenez

To get off on the right foot and earn real money online, affiliate business opportunities still offer tremendous possibilities. But--- beware the scam artists who are trying to ensnare you with unreal promises! Affiliate marketing is a legitimate and enjoyable way to build an online business, but only if you get off to a proper start. Here's three tips to help you do just that.

1. Small is still beautiful

My first bit of advice is to start out small. When you sign up to be an affiliate for a product, you are typically given some simple marketing tools to use.

You can expect to find text for your email messages, maybe some banner ads, and usually a standard sales page.

To start with, use these materials exactly as is.

Why is it so important to start out small? Simple: you need to get comfortable with the one basic principle of affiliate marketing.

And that principle is?

Get traffic to the sales page!

That's all affiliate marketing really is.

Spend time keeping things small just so you can get a handle on that process, and (hopefully) make your first few sales commissions.

2. Be a cheapskate!

Keep in mind you are not earning money yet, so there is little to waste.

You will never earn real money by going into debt from the very start!

Let every step in your learning process provide the funding for the next step.

For example, the seasoned pros can spend all they like on PPC ads and still make money. You are not yet in that very comfortable position.

Articles and forums are the two media the beginner ought to be using. They are very cheap (free in fact).

Use your articles to provide good quality information that will persuade the reader to take the next step and click the link. Don't try so hard to make a sale!

All businesses, including affiliate marketing opportunities, are alike in this way:

No one buys from from you until they first buy YOU!

The same rule applies to forums, but now you are talking to a very focused group. That's what drew them to the forum to begin with. These people are likely to be enthusiastic and knowledgeable about their niche.

So, be polite when you first join a forum. Get to know the leaders in the group. Be helpful, say please and thank you, and whatever else your mother might have taught you! If you win over the people first, some sales are likely to follow.

3. Start building your empire.

You have built slowly and cheaply, using the simplest marketing methods. Your articles and forum posts have built you a little bit of a reputation as someone who is knowledgeable and passionate about their niche.

So now is the time to develop your first site.

The reason is twofold. First of all, your own site allows you to develop your "brand" further, and second, it allows you to build in a sign up box where you can invite people to join a newsletter, access a free report or free giveaway product, or receive updates from you on what's new and hot in your niche.

Lists are incredibly valuable. These are people who have already demonstrated an interest in your niche and related products.

Until you have a mailing list of potential customers, you don't really own a business. A great list may buy from you over and over again!

To summarize: Start out small. Use the marketing materials given to you. Build your image and your reputation slowly in articles and forums. Then use that hard won reputation to really build your brand and your business.

Feel comfortable with trying new things. And above all, assume you will fail from time to time. Just get used to it!

Affiliate business opportunities are still like an open frontier to the ordinary man or woman in the street. Some of us may never have a better chance to earn real money on the web. But you have to keep your eyes open, and start out intelligently. And, to quote Winston Churchill--- never quit!

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