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Sam D. Mann

01 January 2010

Is Understanding AdWords The Key To Make Money Online Fast?

All my life, I've been told there are two kinds of people - winners and losers. And there's no way in hell I ever planned on being the latter. Which one do you plan on being? You can be a WINNER with this...

Brand new System guaranteed to make money online *FAST*

Here is an Astounding 'money-machine' that is guaranteed to create money online FAST... for YOU and anybody that apply it. This Method is based on a brand NEW technology that leverages "free traffic" on the Internet to get thousands of hits.

The CRAZY part that is shocking... You do not actually have to do hardly anything - after setting it up and immediately pressing a few "submit" buttons! There's no hard learning, or trial-and-error, or complex manual to pursue.

Yes by golly, it positively is that ERROR-PROOF... and there's practically ZERO likelihood for you to lose money. (That is mouth-wateringly good news!!)

You possibly will not know this but I can assure you that I've tried out a lot of "wealth systems" in my days as an Internet Marketer... And guess what? The majority of them did not work for me.

My rule now... only pay money for it if it's Established beyond a shadow of a doubt to produce the goods. You want to dig up something that WORKS no matter if you're... in debt, computer illiterate or, plainly just can't get motivated to do some work.

This will be worth every moment of your priceless time... Especially, you see yourself duplicating an automated CASH COW without failing (read their raw testimonials inside)

Here is what I found astonishing about this... Jamie says that EVEN if you Barely get 25% of the results that the other users are being paid, your transformation of financial life will be STAGGERING.

He says it is easier that you get inside, set off the process,and subsequently just Set it and FORGET it. True Error-proof Programmed Wealth. Let the thing make money online for you - easy and FAST.

This has to be the way life of an Internet Marketer was intended to be... Don't work for money - instead, let this "make money online fast" system WORK FOR YOU.

That's how I define true retirement... and it is a beautiful thing.

I dare you to try it out and establish if it is real... I am sure you wouldn't be dissatisfied

That's it for the time being. Think Lucky - Be Lucky!!

Sam D. Mann

Now then, here's an excellent article for you to read. Submitted by one of my many Guest Authors...

Understanding AdWords

by Zach Morgan

Of all the pay per click services offered on the internet, Google AdWords is, by far, the most popular and effective. The popularity of Google AdWords comes from the search engine, Google, being so popular. If you have a business, you can use Google AdWords to your advantage. Very soon you will discover why it has earned the distinction of being the best pay per click advertising campaign in the world.

Basically the ads are either placed on the popular Google search engine or either of its national or local servers (such as their regional sites, under the banner sponsored links. Whenever a user or a prospective customer clicks on the link the company has to pay Google AdWords per click. The ad can be anything from a two line text ad, or an image ad, banner ads or even an in page video ad. The costs vary depending on the type of ads.

When you place an ad on Google AdWords, you are allowed to target certain keywords and key phrases. Normally, one has to invest some time into researching the precise keywords that are best suited for your business. Google AdWords has an option that also allows you to control the extent to which you want your keywords matched to the ones entered in search engines. For example, if your keyword is 'garden soil', you can make it match to phrases like 'buy garden soil' or 'good quality garden soil' too.

One cannot place an ad that contains a trademarked name or symbol. Any reference cited to illegal activities, or gambling, hacking etc are strictly prohibited. This feature of banning adverts of trademarked stuff was implemented in 2004. One also cannot advertise student essay services. This was banned in 2007 much to the delight of many universities. Google AdWords used to allow the link to land or be redirected to another landing page. But as of April 2008 Google has stopped this process.

Another reason AdWords is so effective is that traffic that is generated by the campaign is pre-qualified. Your AdWords campaign targets specific keywords and only people who are interested in these keywords will click on your ad. They are interested in the products and services you have to offer either directly or indirectly. So, the traffic that comes your way is relevant traffic and there are higher chances that you may be able to convert them to customers faster.

Nowadays, the business of placing and maintaining ads has become very complicated for many advertisers, thanks to the severe competition that exists in the market. To overcome this complexity many companies hire a search engine marketing agent or even agencies that do the jobs for them. Google has also established the Google Advertising Professional (GAP) designation, which is a certification to the agencies that help companies do search engine marketing. Along with this Google AdWords provides users with software to manage AdWords accounts. It is called the AdWords editor.

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