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Sam D. Mann

18 October 2009

Clickbank Products To help You Make Money Online Fast

There are TWO sorts of people who should definitely NOT see this rare, money-making video.

The 1st sort of person is the whiner... the type that moans about how everyone else is making money and not him/her.

That person is going to be very upset when he sees what this guy is revealing, because it is so drop-dead simple and effective that they will no longer have anything to complain about.

The second kind of person who most definitely NOT watch this video is the "excuse maker". I am sure you've heard of them before. They're the people that looks at the gurus and gives all the reasons why they're making money and they're not.

This video will certainly remove any excuses from their vocabulary. Reason being, the system is SO easy, and so fool-proof, that they will be forced to make money if they just take a crack at it.

Ibelieve that, you and I are absolutely not moaners nor excuse makers. That's the reason I get wound up to give you an idea about these things:

Yeah... Making Money Online Fast is something you can start doing right NOW.

Let us make 2009 come triumphant for us ok?

That's it for now. Think Lucky - Be Lucky This is your Lucky Day... Go check this out right this minute.!!

Sam D. Mann

Now then, here's an excellent article for you to read. Submitted by one of our many Guest Authors...


Do You Need a Refund on a Clickbank Product?

by Dirk Anderson

Purchasing an item through Clickbank is the way to go. This site makes it so easy for you to be able to check out and purchase a digital product. They have strict regulations on their vendors and require that they give you a refund if requested within 90 days. The best part is you don't even have to have the vendor respond to get your refund.

So the next question is if I have bought a product, how do I get a refund? It's actually really easy. You see when you buy a product on Clickbank you are actually purchasing from Clickbank. The way it works is the seller sells the product at a discount to Clickbank and then Clickbank actually sells the product.

The most important factor to getting a refund is you must hold onto your receipt from Clickbank. It is still possible to get a refund, but it is much harder if you do not have your receipt. This is because Clickbank's refunds are automated; nobody actually reviews your request for a refund. They run them through a batch system every day and grant the refunds.

It is very simple to get the refund, go to your email inbox and find your receipt. Hit the forward button and forward your receipt to This will send a ticket into the automatic system to process refunds. As long as it is within 90 days of purchase your funds will be refunded to your account. The system is totally automated, so there will be no additional contact except emails that tell you the status.

I try to purchase all my digital products from Clickbank. The main reason I do this is that I have the security that if the product does not deliver for me that I can get my money back. This is very important, I love that I have a full 3 months to make sure this product does as it says or I can get my money back.

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