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Sam D. Mann

18 October 2009

Setting Up A Blog Properly To Make Money Online Fast

About once every couple of years a great course is released the general public. One that answers a ton of the queries that I personally had after I first started affiliate marketing some years ago.

Once I first began my on-line advertising career, I had heard that affiliate promoting was the "best way to create cash online". I'm sure that you've probably heard that statement as well!. Probably even from me!! However, with that said, when I first started advertising online,I had completely no clue about the way to:
1. Create a website that I can use to push someone else's product
2. Locate a product to push that really converted into sales
3. Get traffic to my web site so someone would see what I was promoting ...
and I can go on, and on.

These days, I am always reading some "crap" in forums from people spouting off, "All you've got to do is visit and look for products with "sensible" sales letters." And by that they mean, products that look attractive and would be ones that you could buy yourself!!

Then, they assert you can head over to Google Adwords and start advertising the chosen Clickbank product.

Then you have got to work out which keywords are making you sales and which ones are notaren't.

Then get rid of the ones that aren't.

After that, you just let your campaigns run on "auto-pilot" and you may be rich...

Ha, Ha, Ha...

Maybe you've heard that garbage as well. And perhaps you have even tried it. I know I did. And, I'm sure I don't have to inform you that such methods obviously don't work.

Anyway, let's be honest here. People ARE producing a whole lot of money as affiliates solely promoting products. I know this for a fact. So, how they do it is the question...

Chances are, they're either using the strategies taught in a new course called "The Google Sniper" system, or a few type of variation of it. I know this technique works. I actually have several of these "auto-pilot" systems set up.

Actually, I build a little web site as an affiliate marketer, promoting products. Anyway, back to the course I am referring to. It's referred to as Google Sniper.

The course is VERY good and not expensive. Much of what is taught is what I do. And some of which were completely new to me. Oh, and I nearly forgot to mention that the systems taught don't even use Google Adwords! Therefore, if you dislike or aren't awfully good at using Google Adwords, this is perfect for you.

Ok, sorry for the long, drawn out spiel. I generally ramble a bit when I get excited regarding things I love. blah blah blah...

Anyway, you could grab a copy of the course here: =>

This course is GOOD for you if any of these sounds like:
1. You aren't terribly brilliant with the idea of using Google Adwords
2. Can't seem to find profitable Clickbank products to promote
3. Have tried "affiliate marketing" but perhaps purely made a few bucks, if any at all!
4. Get tired of things and jump from project to project quite often
5. Spend time browsing forums. Try to do stuff you read about but never seem to fully work for you.

This maybe is a BAD fit for you if you:
1. Are already a "super affiliate" using your own systems successfully.

If one thing's working for you, then don't go chasing when another strategy. "Don't fix what ain't broken" :-)
2. Are too unmotivated to follow instructions or scan an eBook.

Thus there you've got it. You can check out the brand new course here: =>

That is it for now. Think Lucky - Be Lucky!!

Sam D. Mann

Now then, here's a good article for you to read...


SEO Training Tips - Setting Up A Blog Properly

by David Anttony

WordPress is one of the top Search Engine Optimization enhanced blogs that you can choose to use. It is a world leader. It is uncomplicated and easy to use, looks great and above all is 90% SEO ready out of the box.

This is part of a series of tip articles just about using WordPress for leveraging on SEO.

Tip: Make sure the blog is on YOUR site

So often we are asked about adding a blog on another website such as Blogger or which provides free blog hosting and has a high PR rank.

If you are using your blog to enhance your SEO then you HAVE to place your blog on your web site - it cannot exist on a different website.

Do not even think about using a sub-web such as Why would you use a sub web anyhow unless if you want a cool blog URL.

Sub webs are part of your site but they are unclear from an SEO perspective. If you want to have the blog content 100% connected with your website then make sure it is off a sub folder and NOT a sub web for example :

Placing your blog on a sub web will not give you the same SEO advantage as having them as a sub-folder on your website. Sub webs may be treated different by different search engines - the result outcome will be unclear.

If your blog is currently hosted on or then you should consider to move it as soon as manageable if you want to raise your SEO position.

One fundamental thing to watch out for if you move a large blog to your site (with lots of content), that if you are currently ranking for a number of keywords, then your ranking can be seriously affected after you have added your blog content.

We have had clients who had good ranking have their ranking drop through the floor when we added a large blog. Adding a blast of new content 'dilutes' your current site content if the new content is NOT Search Engine Optimization optimized for the keywords that you want to rank for. SEO Optimize the content before making it live to avoid this dilution process. Taking the time to do this BEFORE you add it to your site will make a big difference to your existing ranking position.

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