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Sam D. Mann

19 October 2009

What You Need to make money online fast

Hiya all you guys and gals out there, Sam D. Mann Here!

My friends, are you all rested up from the weekend? I suppose you've been watching football, cricket, tennis, (or dare I say it - "eyeing up beauties of the opposite sex"!! LOL) and eating enough pizzas... and drinking enough beer... to satisfy a battalion of the Scots Guards?

Well my Dears, after living all that life of decadence... LOL, I believe you are all set to hear the truth about a marketer's life!

It is time to light up the fire in your belly and start a giant drive for the coming weeks!

Yeah, it's work time. In case you had not noticed, we have just passed the halfway point for October, and so, for you amazing people digesting this note, it is time for you to plan a S-U-P-E-R Killer Job!

Why the hurry? Just remember this - The time from mid September to middle of December is perhaps the BIGGEST Sales Periods Of The Year!!

This is the time when affiliate marketers rake in the most money. Do not sit around and let it pass YOU by!

NOW is the time to sit down and take stock of yourself and where you are... in the "Make Money Online Fast" arena.

NOW is the time to develop some money-pulling ads - Yeah... This is the time of the year when it is really worth all the effort you can put in.

Sam D. Mann P.S. If you are still hunting for the tool to do the job of "bringing home the bacon", Here's one of the very best - Zero Friction Marketing.

Yeah... Making Money Online Fast is something you can start doing right NOW.

Zero Friction Marketing is all about CPA - it stands for cost per action. This is RED HOT right now and for good reason. The potential to make job-ending income online is staggering when it comes to CPA. Get Zero Friction Marketing - there is nothing better out there. If you want to make fantastic money each and... Yeah... Zero Friction Marketing will help you Make Money Online Fast

Now then, here's a great article for you to read. Submitted by one of my many Guest Authors...


Marketing Plans " What You Need to Do to Focus Your Marketing Effort

by Travis James

Having a good marketing system is essential for every business. From dry cleaners to major fortune five hundred companies, they all need to have something in place to plan out their marketing tactics and strategies throughout the year. Not only does a marketing system lay down the structure of how their marketing campaigns will function throughout the year, but it will also allow a company to look back on their plans from previous years to see what worked and what did not.

The foundation of any good marketing plan starts at actually getting an idea of what your company is. Are you ultra luxurious home builder, or someone who builds quality average sized homes? You can only market to people what you are, not what you wish you were. You need to be fully aware of what your business is so you can target you're the people in your actual marketing. Going back to the example above, an average home builder should not be trying to sell to people who plan to be spending a million dollars or more on a home, just as a high end home builder should not be trying to sell to people who only plans to sell to people who will be spending $200,000 on a home. Targeting your market place will allow you to focus all of your marketing efforts on a defined group of potential customers which in return will result in more sales for your company. If you are targeting too many different groups and spreading your marketing to thin, it will have skimpy results.

Once you have figured out what your company is, or what your company does, it is time to develop a USP. A USP is your companys Unique Selling Proposition. The Unique Selling Proposition (USP) was first described more than fifty years ago in the classic book by Rosser Reeves, Reality in Advertising. While given much lip service, the thought of the USP is rarely understood or operationalized well. Reeves said that your USP must meet three criteria to be complete and powerful. It must say to your customer, "Buy this product and you will receive this specific benefit."

Your USP must be one that your competition does not, or cannot, offer. It must be strong enough to attract new customers to you.

Your USP is the basis for your marketing and advertising efforts. It is the unique advantage you use to sell your business. Your USP should be dramatic and memorable. It needs to make, stand out and attract new business. It should also generate word-of-mouth to drive referrals.

And now to finish off the base of your new marketing system, we will once again talk about target marketing. You need discover how to recognize perfect customers and how to segment your market into demographic and psychographic categories for greater response.

What types of people make up your customer base?

Where are they?

What entices them to buy?

Few businesses ever take the time to answer these - and other - critical questions in any detail. (Which is good news for you!) Once you have answered these questions, you will be in an excellent position to redirect your advertising and promotional efforts, refine your sales methods and tailor your marketing to the specific segments most likely to response.This will give you a significant advantage in the marketplace.

The more specific your target audience, the more effective your marketing will be. This is one of the hardest concepts for most people to grasp. After all, don't you want all the business you can get? The answer is, "No!"

You should be much more interested in pinpointing your best customers so that you can target market to them. The more you can segment your market into key target groups, the higher your responses will be!

The underpinning to your marketing plan is now complete. There are many "marketing speakers" who have already done all the work for you already and offer step by step guides on exactly what you should be doing with your marketing plans for your company. The prices for good ones usually start around $2000 and I've seen some plans cost $100,000 or more! To quicken up your process of building a good marketing plan I would do a search online for one that fits your needs.

About the Author:


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