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Sam D. Mann

06 October 2009

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Cleaning Your Carpet After a House Party

by Joanne Anderson

When Friday finally rolls around in New York City everyone is ready to cut loose from a long week of work and enjoy some much deserved time off. Most people do their partying on the weekend and prepare to go out.

Saturday and Sunday are days for fun and partying and in Charlotte NC you can do lots of different stuff. There are always parties along with bars, clubs, lounges and other social events happening. If you want to have a good time there is always an opportunity to do so. Even if nothing is happening elsewhere, you can always call up your friends and have a party at your home. This can be lots of fun, but can also create work for you as you have to clean up the mess that is caused by having a bunch of people in your home.

Having a great party that a lot of people show up to can be a hard thing to pull off, but it can be done by someone that is popular. If you have tons of people your party will usually be a good time, but it might cause more ruckus on your carpet as it will take a lot of traffic wear and tear. With all of these people tracking around your home you could have stains from the dirt on their shoes, scuffs and marks and also possibly other damage.

When alcohol starts flowing at parties, good times will proceed to happen and then no one knows what could happen next. There are always a few that take the drinking game to the ridiculous level, and that ups the chance that someone will start to get sick and possibly vomit. Throw up is one of the harder things to clean up, and also one of the grosser things to deal in life.

Cleaning up a mess like this is gross, but it also is necessary due to the fact that vomit contains acids that may have a negative impact on your carpet. Vomit can deteriorate your carpet and smell horribly if not removed immediately.

Lots of drinks that are enjoyed at parties are colorful for flair and show while also being delicious. These types of drinks do cause problems because they are definitely not easy to clean up after they have been spilled and left on the carpet. Food is also a problem when it happens to a catered event that can be spilled on the floor and cause stains. When people walk over stains and grind them into the ground the stains will become harder and harder to remove. Usually it is easier for the party thrower to hire a company to clean the next day to make sure all the stains are removed.

A house party is a great event and one to be cherished in the moment, but for the cleaning required afterward, make sure to call the Charlotte Carpet Cleaning company of your choice.

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