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Sam D. Mann

11 October 2009

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Hair Loss: Know About Organin Treatment

by Bujan Filad

Before getting into a discussion on Organin hair loss treatment, it is important have a basic appreciation of the hair loss problem, and how widespread it is. Basically put, hair loss refers to any condition which stops or hinders the normal growth of hair on the scalp; and this could be due to a variety or reasons, from hormonal imbalances to lack of the nutrients required for making hair, to the intake of various medications, and much more in between. And to understand just how widespread the problem of hair loss is, one needs only look at the medical statistics: which show that at least nine in every ten men are likely to suffer from Androgenetic Alopecia - or what we more commonly refer to as male pattern hair loss - which by the way, is only one of form of hair loss.

And while hair loss was not usually a very major issues in past eras, we find ourselves today living in an era when people have become extremely image conscious -and where almost everyone you deal with first has to scrutinize you from toe to tip (taking note of even the minutest of details) before deciding where to place you and how to deal with you. In this context then, both men and women who happen to suffer from hair loss find themselves highly disadvantaged. In the men's case, hair loss is subconsciously associated with advancement in age; and we are living in an age that is obsessed with youth. And in women's case, hair loss is associated with 'loss of beauty,' seeing that in most societies, a woman's hair is considered an integral part of what it is that makes her 'beautiful' so that a woman who happens to suffer from major hair loss automatically loses a considerable number of beauty marks.

People who happen to suffer from hair loss therefore try to find ways of mitigating the image problems that arise out of hair loss. The ways of dealing with hair loss can be seen as falling into a couple of categories: there are those that attempt to stop the hair loss itself, whereas there are those that attempt to help the person undergoing hair loss to live with the condition - maybe by making up for the hair loss, rather than attempting to stop it.

Now Organin hair loss treatment falls into the second category of ways for dealing with hair loss, it being a hair loss treatment in which rather than attempt to stop the hair loss, we try to make up for the lost hair. So what happens here is that the person opting for Organin hair loss treatment purchases some natural hair fiber, which they then 'sprinkle' over their hair, with the Organin fibers ending up blending with the person's natural hair to an extent that makes others unable to distinguish between the Organin fibers and the person's natural hair.

What Organin hair treatment does is pretty much like what the wigs of the old did (to make up for hair loss in a simple manner), of course without the 'odd look' that wearing a wig would cause to a person who opted to wear it.

The true beauty of Organin hair loss treatment lies in the fact that it offers a non-invasive - yet highly convincing hair loss treatment - to the person who opts for it.

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