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Sam D. Mann

13 June 2010

3 Quick & Easy Steps To Working Smarter Not Harder

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It’s a proven and well known fact that only 5% of the people who try to make money online are successful. That means 95% of all Internet marketers fail to make money online...

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There are TWO kinds of people who should definitely NOT look at this extraordinary, money-making video.

The 1st sort of person is the whiner... the type that gripe about how everyone else is making money and not him/her.

That person is going to be very upset when he sees what this guy is revealing, because it's so drop-dead easy and effective that they will no longer have anything to make a complaint about.

The second type of person who most definitely NOT watch this video is the "excuse maker". I am sure you've heard of them before. They are the people that looks at the gurus and gives all the reasons why they're making money and they are.

This video will certainly dispel all excuses from their vocabulary. Because the system is SO down-to-earth, and so fool-proof, that they will be forced to make money if they simply take a crack at it.

I believe that, you and I are certainly not moaners nor excuse makers. That is the reason I get keyed up to show you these things:

Yeah... Making Money Online Fast is something you can start doing right this minute.

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Sam D. Mann

Now then, here's a good article for you to read. Written by one of my many Guest Authors...


3 Quick & Easy Steps To Working Smarter Not Harder

by Matt LaClear

One of the things which home business owners need to take care of is to increase their productivity levels because there are many other things that can come up and affect productivity when working at home. Here are some tips which can help in increasing productivity:

1) The first thing you should do to increase your productivity is to set a schedule and follow it as closely as you possibly can. As a home business owner you will have a lot more distractions vying for your attention than someone working in a normal office does. So gear yourself up ahead of time to be able to stay on task as far as your daily schedule goes.

2) Try to work for shorter periods and take small breaks in between instead of working many hours at a stretch. This will help you to allocate time in a better manner. One good idea will be to work for around forty five minutes, take a break and continue working on some other task. These breaks will make you feel comfortable and fresh. Try to split up larger portions of work into smaller chunks.

3) Take some time to organize your work and life. The time you spend in organizing will go a long way in saving more time later. For example if you organize your files, documents and papers properly and keep them in an easily accessible place like your shelf, it will make life more easier for you because you will not be spending time later searching for essential items.

The above tips will help you be more productive and also enjoy your home life. To recap, create a schedule, work in short but intensive bursts and holistically follow your timetable. By following these simple yet effective tips you will find that you are able to get more time for your home life and you are able to finish work more quickly.

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My thoughts for today...

Be Warned... The 2 greatest causes of failure to make money online fast are:
1. Not taking action
2. Information overload

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