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Sam D. Mann

21 June 2010

Article Marketing Tips And Suggestions For A Strong Campaign

How Would You Like To Get Your Hands On A System That Makes Me On Average Between $500 - $700+ EVERY NIGHT...


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Here's an Astounding 'money-machine' that is guaranteed to produce money online FAST... for YOU and anyone that make use of it. This Approach is based on a brand NEW technology that leverages "free traffic" on the Internet to get thousands of hits.

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You may perhaps not understand this but I can guarantee you that I've tried out countless "wealth systems" in my days as an Internet Marketer... And guess what? Most of them did not work for me.

My ruling now... only buy it if it is Verified with absolute certainty to work. You want to get a hold something that WORKS no matter if you're... in debt, computer illiterate or, plainly just can't get motivated to do some work.

This will be worth every moment of your priceless time... Especially, you see yourself duplicating an automated CASH COW without failing (read their raw testimonials inside)

Here's what I found astonishing about this... Jamie says that EVEN if you Barely get 25% of the outcome that the other users are getting, your change of financial life will be STAGGERING.

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This has to be the way life of an Internet Marketer was meant to be... Don't work for money - instead, let this "make money online fast" system WORK FOR YOU.

That's what I call true retirement... and it is a wonderful thing.

I urge you to try it out and establish if it's real... I am sure you will not be disillusioned

That's all for the time being. Have a great day!!

Sam D. Mann

Now then, here's an excellent post for you to read. Submitted by one of my many Guest Authors...


Article Marketing Tips And Suggestions For A Strong Campaign

by Dwan Thigpen

Many article marketing tips are available to help plan a good campaign. A lot of strategies can be used, but whatever is done the end goal is to increase traffic to a website. This traffic may arrive by following a link, or through a search engine.

Before any articles are written it is wise to decide what strategies will be followed and make a plan. A plan that could be followed is having a large number of basic articles submitted to gain back links, and a few quality articles to high traffic areas for direct traffic.

A compelling title is the starting point for an article. The title needs to draw the browser in, give them a reason to open the article and read it. The title needs to promise a benefit to the browser if they continue to read the article. The title should connect with them and draw them in.

The body of the article needs to contain enough information to persuade the reader that the author knows what they are writing about. It the article is worthwhile then the reader will read it all the way through and get to the resource box. A good article gives the reader confidence in the writer.

The resource box is where the prospect is finally persuaded to click on the link - or not! Make the resource box all about the reader. Tell them what benefit they will get if they click on the link. Persuade them that they will gain something, solve a problem they are having or relieve their pain.

There article marketing tips are a good introduction to a strategy that is always evolving. The most important things to do is to make a start and take some action. Get some articles written and then get them submitted - start today!

About the Author:


Sam D. Mann here with a Useful Tip Of The Day -
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SEO Tip Of The Day.

On-Page Site Optimization - Where you include your keyword(s) inside yur Web pages in the appropriate places. The main keyword you are targeting should go once in the "h1" tags, in the "title" tags, and in your copy. You should also include it in the "alt" tags of images.

My thoughts for today...

I have seen many newcomers buy ebook after ebook to find something magical. They don't act on what they have learnt. They expect money to just pile up in their bank account, without them having to raise a finger. No, that wont happen. There is no magic here. You have to read the techniques, understand them thoroughly and then get right into implementing them.

Here's a great web page for you to check out and browse through some excellent articles on...

How To Make Money Online Fast

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