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Sam D. Mann

15 June 2010

The Truth About The Rich Jerk

With this package you can... Go from $Zero to $Hero in just 30 days! Best of all... NO list, NO contacts and NO JV Partners!


This System Won't Just Magically Add Money to Your Bank Account simply by having the product's files on your computer...
However, if you're willing to do a little bit of work to get things going, this system is for you. And it's something that will change your life in a big way-- more money, more time, and more happiness.

A Ground-breaking Secretive CPA Affiliate Marketing Formula That Has Hit The Internet Like A Massive Tsunami Overshadowing Everything In Its Way!

If you are new to cpa, this program gives you the step-by-step process on everything to set up your campaigns... monetize your campaigns... to making money right away. This course provides a bunch of eye-opening techniques... This is of the most thorough courses on the market at the moment.

MSN Has An Audience Of 465 Million Visitors Per Month... It's the 2nd most visited site on the Internet... And... 88% of people on MSN bought a product online during the past month! None of the other search engines can beat that.

Who Would You Rather Put Your Ads In Front Of...
People looking for information, or people looking to BUY things?
OK, I know just how you'll answer that!

MSN Commands The Market On STARVING Crowds!

Have You Ever Stopped To Ask Why So Many Gurus Hammer Us With Google-Related Products?
Here's why:
Like the magician that showers cards out of his right hand so you do not make out what he is doing with his left... The Google gurus have been using sleight-of-hand tactics to divert you away from MSN cash all the time.

MSN is just one of the SECRET Traffic Funnels used in Zero Friction Marketing, to drive ravenous visitors to high converting CPA offers.

You will also become skilled at how to use the UNDERGROUND Methods of media buying with banner ads, AND The SECRET Myspace Pay-Per-Click Platform.

There are unquestionable proofs here that explain how you may well make money online fast...

This System May Be The last you ever need to purchase online... And at last TRANSFORM your financial life where you begin MAKING the kind of money on the Internet that you have always dreamed of.

The Zero Friction Marketing System contains everything you need to do well online. So, the only question left to answer is: Do you want to become the newest online success story?

Yeah... Making Money Online Fast is no longer a pipe-dream

That's all for now. Think Lucky - Be Lucky!!

Sam D. Mann

Now then, here's an excellent post for you to read. Written by one of my many Guest Authors...


The Truth About The Rich Jerk

by Douglas Hotchkiss

Ever since I could remember, I have always hated having to receive help from really obnoxious people.

I think it has something to do with the playground setting that most of us never outgrow even when we're adults. I just refuse to get help from somebody who doesn't play by the rules and who is really mean to everyone.

However, I had a little help from someone of the type just about a week ago. Ever heard of the Rich Jerk?

Well, I thought that this man was all talk and had nothing good to contribute which is why I bought his e-book just so that I could have a big laugh about how he's not so cocky in his commonsense e-book. I ended up kicking myself.

The e-book does contain a lot of useful information but I have to tell you in advance that there are a lot of arrogant remarks scattered throughout The Rich Jerk so you might have to desensitize yourself as you read it.

Nonetheless, The Rich Jerk does have helpful information on the subjects of affiliate marketing, wholesaling and search engine optimization.

First of all, I appreciated his entire input on how one can protect oneself from scammers online.

I think this is something pretty relevant since we conduct business online and the only way for our business to prosper is if we transact with people online as well and we can't really be sure of they are.

Another section of the e-book that I really appreciate is entire subject on making money through the buying and selling of wholesale goods.

I never really thought about that very much before reading the e-book. I also enjoyed the new strategies of doing search engine optimization which I've never read before.

But what I commend the most is the fact that you get a free website when you purchase a copy of The Rich Jerk. Through that website, you may be able to start your online business and receive training the entire time.

He even offers training for when you start to set up your website. But if you really can't get past all the insults in the Rich Jerk, they have a 45 days refund period.

About the Author:


Sam D. Mann here with a Quick Tip Of The Day -
Maintaining A Good Flow Of FREE Traffic To Your Webpages
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SEO Tip Of The Day.

Do not create sites that contain purely affiliate links and no valuable content that would be useful to your visitors. Avoid stuffing pages with irrelevant words and content. Also don't create multiple pages, subdomains, or domains with significantly duplicate content. Do not cheat your users, i.e. those people who will surf your website by providing them with irrelevant content or fraudulent schemes.

My thoughts for today...

Do not let anyone do your thinking for you. It is you, and only you, who must decide for you.

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