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Sam D. Mann

20 June 2010

Link Building: Play The Game Tactfully

This Blueprint Sketches Out The Entire Plan To Jump start Your Success - Including Why 97% Of The People Trying To Make Money Fail And What You Must Do To Join The Top 3% Club.


All my life, I've been told there are two kinds of people - winners and losers. And there's no way in hell I ever planned on being the latter. Which one do you plan on being? You can be a WINNER with this...

If you've ever considered turning Clickbank into your own personal ATM and making enormous withdrawals whenever you feel like, then, this recommendation may change your whole life.

Before I move into the heart of the matter let me pose a question: "Are you frightened to pay for traffic?" And when I say "pay for traffic", I mean with things like PPC etc.. If you are scared to pay for traffic, that is fine because you're not alone - a lot of people are.

There's a lot to be said no cost traffic, and that's why I want Michael Jones to express to you how to get a load of traffic - the way he's laid it out in "The Clickbank Code"...

I use Adwords, and the system brings me thousands of visitors... But you cannot beat the effortlessness of traffic that simply overflows into your websites relentlessly. The sort of traffic which never stops, and never costs you a dime... And, as we all know, if you need to get cash into your checking account you need to get traffic... tons of it.

You've heard of Clickbank, right? You know... the free-to-join website that literally forces cash into your pockets... Yeah if you know what you're doing!! Well, let's marry up TONS OF TRAFFIC with CLICKBANK.

We'll do that by telling you about a man by the name of Michael Jones who banked a cool $48,506.66 in his 1st 4 weeks after hearing of it... That is right... WITHIN HIS FIRST 4 WEEKS!

Michael Jones reveals everything and he is pulling back the curtain on the secrets (These secrets are killer... and could set you up for life!!) he used them to rake in almost twelve thousand greenbacks his very 1st week... That's what I call The Secret To Make Cash On-line Fast

Michael is will show you the way to use these totally new tactics... actually the very same techniques he used to make him a millionaire through marketing Clickbank's products.

That's all for the time being. Have a great day!!

Sam D. Mann

Now then, here's a great post for you to read. Written by one of my many Guest Authors...


Link Building: Play The Game Tactfully

by Ken Simmons

Link popularity is the one of the most important factor to think about in an online site to rank higher. Search engines will think about the links from the authoritative, relevant & quality sites as votes. That doesn't mean that you can go on add as plenty of links as feasible to increase your link popularity. That will be regarded as Spam by search engines & my penalize your net site. Search engines will think about common keywords or threads between the incoming links of an online site & thus calculates the link popularity.

Link building requires keenness and consistent effort. It is the hardest, time-consuming and crucial task a SEO performs to get a website ranked well. Here are the ethical strategies of link building:

Directory Submission: It is one of the affordable link building methods in SEO. The days of submitting URL have gone long back. Your site will get indexed only with the increase in incoming links. Listing your site in directories will increase your incoming links number. This will help in Brand building, Keyword targeting and Increase visibility to search engines.

Link Building: Search for theme based web sites and get links from them. You can Build One way links or reciprocal links. Look for quality, rank, non-competing sites that have "links" or "resources" pages and request for link partnering. Check all the links periodically and remove the inactive or dead links. Also if you requested for link exchange, check for your site listed in their website or not.

Forum Discussions: Search engines add higher weight for the links from the discussion forum thread related to your website. Most forums permit members to leave signature links or personal profile links. Post a quality thread related to your net site & the links in the signature ought to be related to your thread.

Social Bookmarking: Social bookmarking is saving web addresses in public Websites such as Digg or so that you can access these bookmarks from any other computer connected to the web. You can make your bookmarks available to others to view and follow. Each post on these Social Bookmarking sites counts as a link to you. As these bookmarking sites are so popular with content updating regularly, these will be indexed by search engines frequently and, hence your website also.

Blogs and blogosphere: Start a blog and publish valuable content regularly. Build links to other related blogs, comments on other blogs and list your blog in some blog directories. This may draw some traffic and also increase their link popularity

Article Submission: Writing articles relevant to the topic of your website and submitting them to article directories are other link building strategies that worth your efforts. Besides links you get from article directories like Ezine articles you can also have the chance to receive backlinks from online publishers that reprint your articles.

Rental and purchase links: Rent some high quality links from a broker or directly from Web sites. You can also buy an old site with a strong link profile, and link to their site, instead of building authority links from scratch. You can also submit your site to paid directories to increase the number of incoming links.

Think like a user when building links. You must make your link exchanges seem to be obtained naturally. Be sure to place your links on sites relevant to your content pages. The anchor text to be found, naturally, without keyword stuffing. Stay away from the known patterns of artificial link building. Hire the best SEO Company Services and get your website rank ethically.

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SEO Tip Of The Day.

If your site contains dynamic pages (i.e., the URL contains a "?" character), make sure you use SEO friendly URLs. Search engine spiders have difficulty indexing dynamic pages.

My thoughts for today...

If you simply read an ebook and let it collect dust in your cyber shelf, it will not do you any good. You have to ACT on it. You have to jump right in and implement what you just learned.

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