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Sam D. Mann

29 June 2010

How To Set Simple Goals And Get Excellent Results

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Sam D. Mann

Now then, here's a brilliant post for you to read. Submitted by one of my many Guest Authors...


How To Set Simple Goals And Get Excellent Results

by Mat Davis

You must set goals if you want to succeed. Strong goals help us to stay focused on the ultimate objective. When we see a retail store which is working so flawlessly .we realize that every person has his role to play in the operations. It is goal setting that keeps people well-directed.

The efficacy of goal setting is evident in the flexibility it gives. Goals are of many types - long term and short term goals, verbal challenges and documented goals or just oral exchanges. The beauty is that they all can work for you. Goals have the energy to drive good performer harder to achieve and the average workers to become good contributors. The fear of not accomplishing goals and being punished will even make poor performers churn out more work.

By setting goals, you may have an opportunity to applaud performance. Everyone deserves recognition or appreciation when goals are achieved. Your plans of future goals will be foiled if you fail to acknowledge your successes. Similarly goals that have not been achieved also have to be taken into account, not with disciplinary action, but with plans to fulfill them.

We need to have a time frame and clear objectives in order to make goals attainable. It is better to make goal setting a simple and rational process that is well within you r reach rather than make it a complicated affair Do not forget to note down all the primary goals you need to follow. It is waste of time to set goals that you can never hope to attain. A fairly useful way to determine if your goals are realistic is to make your workers responsible for achieving them. With the onus on them, you can wait for their reactions to their tasks and ascertain whether they can deliver .You need to be creative in your goal setting so that going after them becomes fun. When you have a clear purpose, people will know where to go and how to go about it.

Always ensure that you have fun on the way to achieving your goals. This is to ensure that you do not get bored or lose your way in half. There is no point in setting goals if you don't know where to start and end.A few examples of easy goal setting can be considered.

Paula must develop a more personal style of selling.First, she must find out which country our customers are from. Within the next 2 hours, she must locate 3 new customers from 3 new countries. And report to me.

Susie has 28 cartons to process. She needs to deliver just 7 an hour and she will take 4 hours to do this. She will help out with floor replenishment for2 hours before her shift is over. Susie will have to report to me when she is done.

Tim must organize 5 associates who are fully available in the daytime. School is closed for 3 weeks and Tim should do this before 5th June. Tim has to report progress every Friday.

Paula, you need to get s little more personal with your selling style. This can be done by getting to know where you customers hail from. Finding three new customers from different countries within the next 2 hours is your goal. Give me a shout as soon as you find a visitor from a new country.

You will notice how clear and unambiguous these goals are. Make your operations razor sharp and you workers super efficient with these goal setting techniques.

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