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Sam D. Mann

18 August 2009

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Membership Site Retention - Why Are They Leaving ?

by Trevor Weir

Running a membership site can be a little hard particularly if it appears that your members are leaving faster than they are coming in. However, while this is certainly one of your key issues, your members may be having a different focus and that is, quite frankly a perception of value for their time and or money.

Giving the impression of value is very important if you want to get members and keep members. People want to feel like they have gotten more than they paid for. It's true that some may not gripe about getting fundamentally good information, however this should not stop you from attempting to raise the perception bar significantly. Word of mouth is the most powerful advertising medium.

There are a couple of ways to raise the bar, so to speak and one is the offer of special bonuses. Try making a few of these surprises and others predetermined. Using a combination of both works well because you get people excited, and you make them feel like you really care when they get something they weren't expecting. So, what kinds of bonuses would your site members think are great? What about bonuses related to additional material such as Private Label products related to your niche that you might pick up inexpensively. These are quite inexpensive for you to purchase and the perceived increased value can be quite high!

Other things one might do is offer more than one format of content. We are not saying that all content needs to be in audio, video and text -- though that wouldn't be a bad idea, lol. You might do an audio interview with an industry luminary or you might be a trade show with your camera and simply capture 10 seconds of opinions from the public or well known speakers. Having audio, video and text enables the material to find resonance with many different audience learning styles. Your chances of giving user satisfaction is much higher this way.

One of my media instructors, who is himself a great film director, taught me that sometimes, contrary to what your mom told you, cheating is the best way. That wonderful video that you shot has an audio track that can be re-used and re syndicated perhaps even as a podcast. Look mom, no additional work. It is also possible to get a rentacoder or writer to transcribe the audio track into text and now you have 3 different medium forms from the one source!

Another thing you can do is make sure your site looks professional. Some membership site owners manage to squeak by with minimalistic sites but the truth is that simple but relevant graphics and a clean easy to navigate layout will go far towards membership satisfaction.The old saying goes that "you shouldn't judge a book by its cover," but we all know that people end up doing that anyway! A great looking site is always a joy to explore.

Try to do all of the above mentioned tips. A rule of thumb is give 10 times the monthly value and your clients won't leave.When your members are impressed and happy with what you're doing, word-of-mouth will spread and your members will continue their membership. Remember the first 30 days are the most critical. Soon enough you'll have built this into a wonderful membership site that people are proud to be a part of.

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