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Sam D. Mann

30 August 2009

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Finding The Right Web Design Company

by Brad Dalton

Web design firms all have their own way of creating websites. Some web design firms will be overly critically of others. Clients usually don't understand what these web design companies are criticizing and have no way of verifying their claims. It's best to ignore negative comments from one web design company and give web design firms consideration based on their own merit.

But really each web design company can build websites that function well in their on way. It all comes down to style and preference.

Most web design firms have a unique workflow and way of planning website format, how to manage content, the actual layout of the website and marketing strategy, which is often accomplished through search engine optimization. Web design firms that have strong opinions that contradict your preference or others' advice should be able to present you with supporting data. Website design service is different with all web design firms, but the issues involved are always the same.

The Format of Your Website

Should you get a flash site or an html site? Flash can look more interesting and move and function like a video game or software. A lot of people and industries are looking for this sort of feel. Html is capable of having this look too, but flash was made for this sort of application. Flash is in general considered to be more high tech, though that is not exactly the case.

Html is used for more conservative or corporate websites by most web design companies. Social media websites heavily rely on html as well. The layout of the site can stretch with additional photos and text.

You may have also heard that html is more compatible with google as far as checking the content if your pages for ranking. You can also use a combination of flash and html for your site. You can incorporate motion graphics or animated flash menus with an organized html framework.

Website Content Management

Your website is like a bookshelf where you store all of your content for visitors to flip through. Sometimes people only want a website that never changes its content. Most people do need to update their websites, if only every so often.

Web design firms can create a site for you that is easy to update at your own discretion. These types of content management systems can be built from the ground up or you can use a CMS that is open source and adjust it to your site and preferences.

Web design firms will all have their own preference for content management. No one way is the right way to do it. If your web design firm is strongly opposed to any one method that you might be interested in, be sure that they supply you with facts to support their claim. If you find something that works well and can grow as your website grows, then it should be fine to incorporate into your site.

If the web design companies you are interviewing has built something similar to your needs previously and believes that he or she can keep p with any changes you may need to make to your website in the future, it does not matter which content management system they decide to use.

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