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Sam D. Mann

24 August 2009

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A Search Engine Explanation

by Justin Harrison

A search engine is a device that delivers contents to you as per your query from the World Wide Web. Search engine locates the suitable content from the plethora of information available on WWW in form of links, images and web pages. These engines are based on complex algorithms and sometimes even on human editing.

Web crawling, indexing and searching combine in that order to obtain the most accurate results. Mass amounts of information on millions of web sites are stored and then retrieved relevant to the user's request. A web crawler is also known as a spider, it analyzes every link and indexes all information for faster retrieval.

Words found inside the pages are extracted from the description and allocated appropriate meta tags. Meta tags are also taken from contents the webpage itself to establish its relevance. Data from the sites is collected, indexed and stored to be retrieved when it's needed.

The major search engines, such as Google amass all, or a miniature portion of the source page, or "cache", in addition to information the web page offers. The search engine, AltaVista stores every word from every page. Storing the cache helps the search engine filter more easily because web pages are updated constantly. Google's technique of indexing relieves the "linkrot" and allows users to be sure that the content they find in their search results will be up to date and utilizable. The cache can be helpful when obsolete information is removed. The cache allows users to find and recover information from archived sources.

Search engines will examine keywords entered by the user and obtain a list of organized search results. Summaries may also accompany web links on the results page.

Many filters and specialized web crawlers create a proprietary method for analyzing web pages for results. While a keyword can be found a very large amount of websites not all sites are relevant to the users purpose and companies pride themselves on result relevancy.

Increasingly search engines have been implementing a page ranking system in which each page's descriptions, keywords and content are scanned for relevancy to the inputted keyword and their index. Pages with higher ranks get seen more often at the top of the list. If a site is linked to a high ranking website that site receives a vote that increases its ranking.

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