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Sam D. Mann

29 August 2009

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Off-Page Search Engine Optimisation - Update

by Jason Kendall

We've discussed the basic premise of Search Engine Optimisation, (including factors pertinent to 'on-page' optimising) in an earlier feature. However, what really matters concerns off-page SEO. It's rather like a voting scheme. One website volunteers a link or vote to another website. They're suggesting the site is worth looking at.

A couple of main parts feature in this link. The URL of the page being pointed at - And secondly the keyword phrase (anchor text) that's high-lighted on the page to be clicked on. A 'vote' is then generated for an individual website page based on that keyword phrase. Put another way, a vote to drive this site up the SE pages for that particular search term.

It fundamentally works that way. The two things (anchor text and targeted page) are bound together. You can only proffer a vote for a web page that has anchor text highlighted. The SE's know what search term to use for that page based on the anchor text. It's very important to grasp this: The search terms you will be listed for are completely determined by your anchor texts.

So it becomes obvious why 'CLICK HERE to learn more' has no SEO value. We've done no more than give those two words our vote! Who thinks of typing in 'CLICK HERE' when they're doing a search? Not a soul!

That is why the anchor text is SO important. Because that's what controls the phrases you will rank for. And by the way, if you DO Google "Click Here" you will always find the Adobe Reader download site at the top. Is that an important term to Adobe? Of course not! But they're up at the top because the phrase "CLICK HERE to Download Adobe reader" features on so many websites.

In other words, the SE's use the anchor text phrase to cast a vote for a page. Which is very logical. SE's try to look for relevancy in the same way a real person would. The content of your page isn't necessarily relevant. For if the text that is pointing to your site says Blue Flowers, then that is what you will be listed for! That's how the 'voting system' works.

Obviously, a few other things come into it - Because the SE's also use the page title and wording of the page being pointed at to correlate the results. And many more factors too. (To give you an idea, the spread of the sites linking to yours, and their relevancy to your site).

The crux of it all is though that a mass of back links solves all the problems! And these need to be from as many different sites as possible - with the correct phrases used as anchor text. A site's quality is taken into account as well: Receiving a link from a top site like Microsoft is much more valuable than one from a start-up site.

There's quite an art to choosing the right keyword phrases. Do perform sufficient competitor and keyword research before you firm up on your strategy. Fundamentally though: If someone's searching for what you do, which words are they typing into the Search Engine? The answers to this question supply your anchor text and keyword phrases.

Getting it right though takes a lot of measuring, testing and research. The phrases that perform best are sometimes quite unforeseen. People have such diverse thoughts about how to express what they want. If you're desperate for better quality sleep, the words 'comfortable mattress' might come into your mind. Whilst the line GOOD NIGHT'S SLEEP could be used by someone else.

Successful on-line marketing is about more than trusting vague hunches. We can't over-stress the need to TEST and MEASURE all the phrases you're considering using. The number of people visiting your site will be in direct proportion to the work you do in this area. An analogy could be drawn with a listing in the Business Yellow Pages. You're not going to get any enquiries for Car Repairs if you're indexed as a Hairdresser! It is just as crucial to get your keyword analysis correct. Then everyone who's looking for what you do will easily find you.

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