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Sam D. Mann

20 August 2009

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How to Ensure Efficiency of Fluorescent Lights

by Tom Sanderrs

It is generally well known that fluorescent lights are more energy efficient and also that lower energy use results in lower electrical bills. However, there are still some questions about fluorescent lights that nag at consumers. These questions include whether or not to leave them on all the time and if it is a problem to have too many in one area. This article will address those issues.

Warming-up Time

One question often asked is whether or not fluorescent lights use more energy every time they are turned on. This refers to the warm-up period and people actually want to know if this process wastes energy or not. This is actually not a question, because it is inaccurate. However, there is some truth to the matter, because studies do prove that starting up a fluorescent light does use more energy after it has been turned on.

Leaving Fluorescent Lights On

Although more energy is used, it is not a large amount and that means leaving fluorescent lights on will not save energy. More energy is wasted by leaving on a light for a long period of time, than turning the light on and off. Leaving it on will also lower the lifespan.

On and Off

Another valid concern of most people is the question of whether or not the fluorescent light's lifespan would be affected if it's frequently turned off then back on again. The answer is a definite yes. Any electrician can tell you that no matter what kind of light bulb it is, whether they're standard incandescent bulbs or fluorescents, its lifespan will definitely decrease if they're frequently being turned off and on. Studies have proven this, so it's best if you avoid frequently turning your fluorescent lightings on and off.

Energy Saving Bulbs

The following two types of lights are examples of newer, more efficient fluorescent light designs:

Compact Fluorescent Lamps: Compact fluorescent lamps are designed to replace the old incandescent lights. Their plugging ends are shaped much like incandescent bulbs and can easily fit into any bulb fixture.

Electrodeless Lamps: Just as the name implies, these lamps don't have any electrodes. Since fluorescent lights burn out because of the electrodes, the new design allows for a longer lifespan by removing the problem.

To sum things up, always turn lights off if you are not using then and if you purchase fluorescent lights always first compare price, quality and wattage of the lamp before making a decision. That way you know you are ensuring energy efficiency.

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