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Sam D. Mann

27 August 2009

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Getting Indexed By Search Engine Spiders

by Tamas Maddox

Search engines use software programs knows as spiders to crawl the web to build the search engine databases. Web pages are retrieved by these programs and analyzed. To get your pages on the top of the search engines you need to first get them visited by these search engine spiders. Your job is to design your site so the spiders will find it and come back often, this will get your pages listed so they will be found when people search for them.

Search engines make their decisions based on programmed priorities. They don't care how accurate or well-written the content on your site is, because they don't know. Search engines rank the significance of your web page content by counting the number of other websites that link to your site and measuring the quality of the sites that link to your site. A high ranked website like ArticleCity referring to a blog post that you wrote will pull your blog higher up on Google's search results.

Search engines do care that you have unique, fresh content. Unique, new content is like spider food, this is what they look for. Create good, original content, update it regularly and keep adding to it.

Search engine spiders care about the structure of your web pages, they give extra weight to keywords placed as titles of pages and titles of paragraphs. Spiders compare text in the title tag against the content on the page, if the two are not related this will decrease your ranking.

Search engine spiders have a tough time with dynamic sites. Some spiders get stuck because they can't see the page. Search engine spiders like a mix of copy, keywords, text and links. You want to have 200-500 words of copy per page, well labeled images, easy to navigate links and keyword rich title tags.

Always have a up to date site map. The spiders look for site maps so they can index all the pages in a site. A site map makes it easier for them to get to the deeper site pages. If the search engine spiders can not find all the pages on your site then no one will see them. It also helps to use keyword links at the bottom of the pages to connect relevant pages and give the spiders something to follow.

Spiders collect links from each page they visit, and later follow those links through to other pages. In this way, they essentially follow the links from one page to another. Files known as robots.txt files give spiders directions on how to index your site, including any directories that you may decide are off limits to the search engines.

Search engines don't respond to changes overnight, it might take a few weeks or more to see the results of your efforts reflected in search engine results.

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