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Sam D. Mann

28 August 2009

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Different Types of Different Personal Alarms

by Charlie Duff

The personal alarms are very effective in avoiding attacks against any form of physical attack. These devices are very handy and quite convenient for anyone to carry along at any time of the day at any place. These gadgets are devices or gadgets specially designed and formulated to serve in cases of distress or emergency.

With the devices unwanted elements are compelled to stay away from you. Most of these personal alarms emit some signals or distressing sounds to caution or alert people. The signal or sound can cause alarm to the attackers thus these devices are truly effective deterrents for attackers. These help in preventing the approach of assailants or attackers.

These discomforting decibels are only heard by the very sensitive ears of the dogs but not by the human ears. The dog is the most common molesters of people especially small children. This animal may be repelled by the use of the modern ultrasonic innovation which releases a non-harmful but discomforting high frequency sound of up to fifteen feet audible only to canines.

This emitted signal is not really fatal and will not cause any consequent injury to animals sense of hearing. It will caution the animal to stay away from you for will have to associate your presence with the discomfort. Dogs have good memories and can remember things especially discomforting ones. The high-frequency sound released by this ultrasonic canine-repelling gadget has been carefully built to make the canine immediately uncomfortable making run away from you.

There are personal alarms that immediately alert people to attend someone needing help. The most popular type is the electronic child leash panda. This is very efficient and effective in locating a lost or missing child in a populated area. The child wears the panda-shaped transmitter which constantly sends signal to the adult or parent who has the receiver.

These gadgets can surely scare them because of that peculiar sound coming from them. You can browse and check online for some websites that can provide you with the different types of these devices. There are other types of these distressing-releasing sound electronic devices like the watch dog and the pocket whistle which are applicable to humans and animals alike as personal alarms.

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