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Sam D. Mann

01 September 2009

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A Collection Of Premium Movie Story Lines

by Gordon Dixon

In the past you had to go to a store if you wanted to rent or buy a movie. Instead of buying or renting the dvd, people now can choose a movie download instead. Just about any movie every made can be attained through a movie download site now. Check out these samples.

South of Reno: Desert homebody Osterhage finds that spouse Blount has been unfaithful. Well made and visually arresting however complicated structure-prudent; still, an impressive first characteristic from Rezyka, who also co-scripted the movie. Cast includes Jeffrey Osterhage, Lisa Blount, Joe Phelan, Lewis Minivan Bergen, Julia Montgomery, and Billy Bob Thornton. (94 minutes, 1987)

Stallion Road: Devoted veterinarian Reagan and novelist buddy Scott vie for the benevolence of horse rancher Smith; low-key tirade written by Stephen Longstreet. Cast includes Ronald Reagan, Alexis Smith, Zachary Scott, Peggy Knudsen, Patti Brady, and Harry Davenport. (91 minutes, 1947)

Inland Empire: Requesting, surreal Lynch trial and error is nearly in-executable to articulate. Suffice it to affirm that Dem offers staggering behaviors in few roles which mayor might not be the identical personality, most prominently as an actress who is cast as the steel in a new film. Lynch buffs can possibly rate this higher. Cast includes 1 David Lynch. Laura Poem, Jeremy Irons, Justin Theroux, Harry Dean Stanton, and Peter J. Lucas. (179 minutes, 2006)

Last Action Hero: Danny loves action hero Jack Slater. He gets a ticket to go see his latest movie. This ticket is magical and during the movie Danny finds himself in the movie itself, with his hero. When one of the bad guys steals Danny's ticket he escapes into the real world. Danny and Jack must find a way back to the real world and stop this bad guy before it's too late.

Let's Make Up Lila Says: A Marseille adolescent on the verge of manhood considers becoming an author, however he's broke, ghettoized, and pressured by his peers to prevail a loser till he meets a blonde bombshell who kindles his literary link, and then some. Faintly surreal myth of modern-day French-Arabian relationships stays lightweight and nymphet-fixated till its unavoidable bittersweet ending. Cast includes Valtina Giocante, Mohammed Khouas, Karim Ben Haddou, Lotfi Chakri, and Edmonde Franchi. (90 minutes, 2005)

U.S. Marshall: Mark Sheridan has been accused of murder. When the prisoner transport plane he is on crashes, he escapes. He is now free, but running from U.S. Marshall Sam Gerard. We learn that Mark Sheridan is no murderer at all. Can he prove his innocence before they hunt him down?

The Jackie Robinson Story: Simple bio of Robinson, the first black guy to play chief-group baseball. Captivating as a communal history; pointed in its presentation of the racial issues engaged. Interestingly, Robinson's Negro Group ball club is hailed the Black Panthers! Dee plays Robinson's spouse. The movie is depicted by Brock Peters. Cast includes Jackie Robinson, Red Dee, Little Watson, Louise Beavers, Richard Aisle, Harry Shannon, Ben Lessy, and Joel Fuellen. (76 minutes, 1950)

The Plumber: Offensive plumber tears aside lavatory of unwilling occupant, the film's lone antic is extended no farther than it can go in tiny although entertaining black comedy made for Australian TV. Cast includes Judy Morris, Ivar Kants, Robert Coleby, and Candy Raymond. (76 minutes, 1980)

The Day The Earth Stood Still: This is a remake of the 1951 sci-fi classic. An alien spacecraft has landed on Earth. An alien named Klaatu is taken by the military. Klaatu explains that his robot Gorti has the power to destroy the Earth, and will do so if Earth proves to be a danger to the galaxy.

A phrase like "Rent DVD" might get a good result. If that one doesn't work try another one. You should punch in "Watch New Movies Online" for another set of results.

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