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Sam D. Mann

28 September 2009

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The Necessary Of Solar Thermal Hot Water

by Scott Rodgers

Solar water heating is a system where the water is heated with the use of solar energy. Mostly these solar heating systems consist of solar thermal collectors and a fluid system which is used to carry heat from the tank to the usage point. This system may employ the use of electricity for pumping the fluid, and must have a collector to store the heat.

A solar hot water system will harvest more energy at a substantially lower cost. The solar water heater collectors are more efficient at producing energy from the sun.

At least for few months solar hot water system may give all or a good part of hot water to your household needs. To save a good amount of money, you have to use an exact configuration system that gives the best service in the cold climate.

When the climate is cold the temperature freezes, the water in solar collectors also freezes. At that period of time no hot water is generated, and it may happen that the collectors could be in risk when the water elongates as it freezes. But there is a possible way in getting the solar thermal hot water in a cold climate.

The most common way is to use glycol-based solutions in the collectors. This requires a closed loop system where the heat is transferred from the glycol solution into the water you use in your house via a heat exchanger. These systems are more expensive than simpler systems, but they are much more resistant to freezing and can continue to produce heat through the middle of a cold winter.

You may need to have a tank less of hot water heater as a help as they may not create enough for your requirements when there is a long stretch of cloudy weather, in that time also they will still create hot water. And can save the water for the old persons in the families so that they can avoid from using the cold water.

The glycol acts as antifreeze, preventing the pipes from freezing. These solutions are typically 50/50 glycol and water.

There are two heaters: active and passive, these active heaters can team up with glycol as long as there is a closed collector loop. Active glycol systems generally come with a heavy price, but they are accepted to be the ultimate choice for very cold climates.

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