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Sam D. Mann

16 September 2009

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An Assortment Of Definitive Motion Picture Reviews

by Alberto Pace

In the past you had to go to a store if you wanted to rent or buy a movie. High speed internet access has now made it possible to download movies right off a movie download site. You will find just about any movie you want with a good movie download site, below is a small sample.

The Company: Life be-, back the scenes throughout a season with the Jeffrey Ballet of Chicago, concentrating on one committed dancer Campbell. Not so much a' tale as a low-key succession of vignettes in reference to the countless reasons that go into sustaining a organization, salving injured self images, and subsisting both on and offstage. The dance numbers are invigorating and beautifully filmed. Cast includes Neve Campbell, Malcolm McDowell, James Franco, Barbara Robertson, William Dick, and Susie Cusack. (112 minutes, 2003)

Training Day: Jake Hoyt wants to be a narcotics officer in the LAPD. To get the job he first must do one day of training on the streets with a veteran agent. Jake is assigned to spend the day with agent Alonso Harris. Jake is in for the ride of his life.

Casino Royale: This is an old school James Bond adventure. The humor is gone, and a tough and gritty 007 is trying to take down Le Chiffre, the banker for terrorists. Bond must defeat Le Chiffre in a huge money poker tournament to help the C.I.A. capture him.

Apollo 13: This film recounts the incredible story of the Apollo 13 mission to the moon. Nearing the moon, the spacecraft experiences multiple systems failures. With the oxygen supply failing and systems not functioning, they are stranded mover 200,000 miles from Earth. Against impossible odds, the crew of Apollo 13, and thousands of people on the ground, all work tirelessly on creative solutions to bring them safely home. The fact that this crew survived this mission is one of the truly miraculous stories of our lifetime.

Downhill Racer: Lucid research of a vacant life, with Redford as tiny-town egotist who joins U.S. Olympic ski tea minutes. Essentially a character research; complication is an disgusting personality. Illuminating ski scenes make eases worth persevering. Cast includes Robert Redford, Gene Hackman, Camilla Sparv, Karl Michael Vogler, Jim McMullan, Christian Doermer, and Dabney Coleman. (102 minutes, 1969)

Alaska: Adolescent venture yam on a grand scale, as a brother and sibling take off looking for their dad and his downed plane. Structured like an old grade-B melodrama, however implemented with conviction contrary to magnificent, snowy landscape and characterizing an irresistible polar bear who befriends the youngsters. Heston, whose child prompted the drama, plays a mean, cunning poor gentleman. Cast includes Thora Birch, Vincent Kartheiser, Dirk Benedict, Charlton Heston, Duncan Fraser, and Gordon Tootoosis. (110 minutes, 1996)

From Nashville with Music: Some excellent country and western music, although one would be better served to purchase one of the actors' albums rather than agonizing through this tale of a New York couple who go to the Grand Ole Opry by accident. Cast includes Marilyn Maxwell, Leo G. Carroll, Pedro Gonzalez, Marty Robbins, Merle Haggard, and Buck Owens. (87 minutes, 1969)

Belle Epoque: Set in 1931, a time of vow and optimism in pre-Franco Spain, this pleasantly earthy, glad comedy informs of a hearty youthful army defector Sanz who's befriended by an older recluse, and captivated by his 4 gorgeous baby girls. Cast includes Fernando Fernan Gomez, Jorge Sanz, Maribel Verdu, Ariadna Gil, Miriam Diaz-Aroca, and Penelope Cruz. (108 minutes, 1992)

The Big Store: Large bummer for Marxes in a weak film of investigator Groucho examining crooked Dumbrille's variety store. The low spot is Martin's "The Tenement Symphony." Cast includes Charles Riesner, Groucho, Chico and Harpo Marx, Tony Martin, Virginia Grey, and Henry Armetta. (80 minutes, 1941)

See if "Online Movie Downloading" gets you to a good download site. When one search fails to succeed just change things and try again. We would recommend trying "Downloading Movies Internet" for new search results.

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