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Sam D. Mann

24 September 2009

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Web Design -Dotnetnuke Development

by Anne Torres

If you put a premium on the impression you make with the web site you're planning to put up, get a pro to do it for you. You can always provide your inputs and preferences, but the experts will know exactly what to do and use exactly the techniques that have worked with others. The question now is which pro to hire. Choosing the right one may be a bit tricky especially as simple visual appeal looks very tempting. However, in looking for a web designer, there are many other things to consider. That's why you need to give your choice a lot of careful thought.

Perhaps the first smart thing you can do is to ask for referrals. Ask your other businessman friends. Check out their websites and compare the way they look, how the ideas are organized and take note of the ease of navigation. Choose a designer who has experience, preferably one who uses dotnetnuke development which is a content management system that is highly functional and customizable.

When researching for track record, don't just focus on how long they've been in business. Also check out their past clients and take a look at the websites they've actually created. There alone, you can get a feel of how likely your own design is going to end up. You may have to pay a seasoned designer more, but it's always better to be sure than to be stuck with a company that could never give you the quality you want.

You can also investigate about the company's customer service, this is also important. Over and over again, you will be needing the support of your designer the moment they have set up your site. Make sure that the company you will employ will be ready to support you once you have your site up and running. It must also be able to give you exactly what you need. There's no reason to settle for a static page when you want yours to be interactive.

The most important part of your association with your designer is for you to be able to communicate clearly what you expect to come out of your site. You may have all sorts of good ideas but unless you are able to articulate and explain these enough to your designer, you just won't get what you want. No matter how technically adept your designer is, he will never be good enough unless you give clear instructions on how you want your site to be. Remember that this association does not stop upon completion of the design. You'll be constantly dealing with this company for your site maintenance. It is thus important that communication is effective between both ends.

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