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Sam D. Mann

04 September 2009

Unique Content Article on , ,

Vacations. Leads. Opportunities.

by Marvin Aspiras

A True Meaning To Vacation. The most important characteristic of a lead is its freshness. We continuously generate some of the highest quality of vacation leads in the industry 24 hours a day. Our quality of internet traffic combined with our multiple scrubbing filters ensures that you receive the most consistent, highly qualified, business opportunity vacation lead available.

Timing is everything! So they say. We have all information that is updated simultaneously upon these clients request of information. Our vacation leads / lists are not compiled until the order is placed. This allows you to reach your robust target market while they are in the process of making they're travel plans or even right when they are yet thinking of where to go. So where else should you go to?

Imagine being able to call people whom are not only expecting your call, but are interested in what you have to say! Imagine a steady stream of inbound live transfers from potential travelers who have heard the specifics of your vacation offer and responded by signaling the desire to speak with a booking agent.

With the increasing demands nowadays in vacation leads, there are several types of vacation and travel leads that have sprung all over the market. There are generic vacation leads that consist of people who have signed up to request information concerning a travel offer. This may be the same people who may also have general consumer files that match the criteria in age, income, and demographic that the client is looking for. With LeadZumba.coms vacation leads, every specific vacation lead will include clients name address, city, zip code, e-mail address, telephone numbers, IP address, best time to be reached.

These coastal vacation leads are verified by our own marketing staff. Each LeadZumba vacation lead has been qualified by phone and found to have a deep interest in the travel related industry. They fully understand that they will receive information via email and phone by a representative real soon. They are waiting for your call now.

Your business can dramatically increase its vacation package sales with our proven vacation lead generation model. We use advanced technology and creative design programs to develop a strategic action plan that suits each of our individual client's vacation lead needs. We produce timely, precisely targeted, qualified vacation leads that will improve the response rate of your travel based business.

We guarantee each vacation lead and the information provided for each contact. If for any reason you come across a vacation lead that is either a disconnected phone number, or wrong contact info, we will replace that vacation lead.

We offer you our highest quality customized, phone and internet surveyed vacation leads with an added catch. This is a big catch! A catch that does you only the best for your vacation or travel related businesses. We are talking about real time delivery! plus, these vacation leads have indicated that they are able to invest hundreds to thousand of money on the right opportunity! Because here at we teach to strike only to the right opportunities!

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