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Sam D. Mann

06 September 2009

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Are Directory Submissions Still Effective?

by Yasir Y Khan

Directory submissions seem to be one of the main ways of building link popularity used by many SEO companies out there. When you pay for a directory submission service, your SEO company submits your URL to 400 or 500 (sometimes 1000) directories out there on the web. SEO companies claim that directory submissions is one of the fastest ways of improving link popularity.

While directory submissions help with your link popularity, the submissions do absolutely nothing as far as increasing the rankings are concerned. There are some websites with only 200 links which are ranking higher than websites with over 3000 links. The reason for the difference in rankings is because one website has trusted inbound links which the other does not.

The first reason why directories pass minimal link juice is because they hold no content, only hold spammy links and have no trust factor. And for that reason, most of them have another fancy name: link farm. Because of the lack of content, search engines stop favoring web directories and make sure that their outgoing links do not pass a lot of value.

Another reason for the minimal benefit that directories provide is the fact that everyone submits their junk content to them. It is also not hard to imagine each category of a directory to have over 200 outbound links, which severely limits the amount of link juice these directories provide. This also goes without saying that directories have a very high percentage of spam.

Directories also do not provide enough traffic to the target websites because no one uses directories as a navigation system. People normally Google up anything they want to find. Even though directories were thought of as a navigation tool, they do not function that way anymore.

However, there are a few high quality directories out there like Yahoo Directory and DMOZ, which can provide you with a lot of link juice. The downside for inclusion into them is the high fee that they charge.

In conclusion, my advice to you is to stay away from directory submissions because they can actually hurt (rather than help) your websites.

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