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Sam D. Mann

11 September 2009

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A Number Of Excellent Major Motion Picture Plot Summaries

by Erin Burgess

If you arrived to see film reviews skip down to read them. To find a movie download site you need to do the right search. You should have good luck with a search like "Internet Movie Downloads"; if not then try "Fast Movie Downloads" and "Best Movie Rental".

Irreconcilable Differences: A bittersweet comedy of a young couple that wed and found success till prosperity in Hollywood causes them to lose sense of what's seriously vital in their lives. The outcome is that their 10 year old baby girl sues them for divorce! Cast includes Ryan O'Neal, Shelley Long, Drew Barrymore, Sam Wanamaker, Allen Garfield, Sharon Stone, and David Paymer. (117 minutes, 1984)

Signs of Life: A generatios old boat making business in Maine closes its doors, and the workers, youthful and old, who've exhausted their lives there, try to decide out what to do next. Cast includes Arthur Kennedy, Kevin J. O'Connor, Vincent Phillip D'Onofrio, Michael Lewis, Fellow Bridges, Kate Reid, Kathy Bates, Mary-Louise Parker, and Georgia Engei. (91 minutes, 1989)

It's the Rage: The lives of a group of seemingly distinct individuals are connected by personal problems which lead to resolutions with guns. This loud satire of individual and cultural brutality gets worse as it goes along, regardless of the attempts of an excellent cast. Cast includes Joan Allen, Jeff Daniels, Andre Braugher, Gary Sinise, Josh Brolin, Robert Forster, and Anna Paquin. (97 minutes, 2000)

Food of the Gods: This is a terrible adaptation of H. G. Wells' novel. An odd event has caused mammoth expansion in the size of wasps, chickens and rats. Cast includes Marjoe Gortner, Pamela Franklin, Ida Lupino, Jon Cypher, and Ralph Meeker. (88 minutes, 1976)

Jurassic Park III: Amusing popcorn film that takes a recipe and plays it for all it's worth as professor-paleontologist Neill is convinced to lead an expedition to the prohibited island where dinosaurs wander, however obviously he hasn't been informed of the realities. The movie is full of scares, and lots of fun proving that a thriller kind doesn't have to be dumb. Cast includes Sam Neill, William H. Macy, Tea Leoni, Alessandro Nivola, Trevor Morgan, Michael Jeter, John Diehl, and Bruce A. Young. (93 minutes, 2001)

Slaughter in San Francisco: Prior cop Wong desires retribution on killer of his companion. Norris, in an aiding role, is the poor guy. Cast includes Don Wong, Ditch Norris, Sylvia Channing, Robert Jones, and Dan Ivan. (87 minutes, 1981)

The General Died at Dawn: Fine, altruospheric drama of Oriental enthrall, with mercenary Cooper falling in love with foreign agent Carroll when fighting sinister warlord Tamiroff. Cast includes Gary Cooper, Madeleine Carroll, Akim Tamiroff, Dudley Digges, Porter Chamber, and William Frawley. (97 minutes, 1936)

Light Years: Conceited energized sci-fi fantasy, in regards to a prince who time-voyages into the future; he's enclosed by characters identified Ambisextra, Transformation, Chief of the Distorted, and The Collective Voice (so you know this wasn't made with youthful kids in mind). Cast includes Voices of Glenn Close, Christopher Plummer, Jennifer Grey, John Shea, David Johansen, Terrence Mann, and Penn and Teller. (71 minutes, 1988)

Heartland: Basic, well informed tale of hearty Americans surviving the frontier life, circa 1910. Ferrell plays a youthful widow who acknowledges a job as housekeeper for dour rancher Tom in the wilds of Wyoming. Well performed, well filmed, and beautifully understated, based on the real journals of a pioneer lady. Cast includes Rip Torn, Conchata Ferrell, Barry Primus, Lilia Skala, Megan Folson, and Amy Wright. (100 minutes, 1979)

Maybe you found a new movie to watch from this list. You can find movies like these at download sites, which you can find by searching "Download Internet Movies" or "Download Movies Online For Free" If those fail you try "Movie Download Sites".

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