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Sam D. Mann

08 September 2009

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Cost of Granite Countertops

by JD Theis

Granite countertops are beautiful things to behold; they offer aesthetic and practical values in any place they are installed, especially in regards to domestic capacity. It has a way of just beautifying a home. However, as much as the heart is willing to claim this precious article, the wallet may not be too agreeable.

Many factors affect the cost of granite countertops that are often not conceived by those that are not in the field, it is best for you to arm yourself with enough knowledge about the complexity of its purchase so that you may buy what you actually desire at the right price.

The cost is mainly from $60-$120 per a sq foot, and it may likely not include the cost of installation. The discount price can go for about $30. It should be noted that this is not solely the cost of the stone itself but can be the additional cost of the transportation summed up altogether.

In the granite market that there is no governing body, all levels and professional charge an additional price that ultimately reflects in the final price of each granite sq foot. From the quarry to the supplier, in between is the fabricator. They all charge their individual prices based on the immediate want of the market.

Granite suppliers deal in the granite market based on tiers or groups of three or four. The first and high tier involves relatively high-priced commodities. The price of the granite stones are labelled on them based on a number of factors, such as: quantity of minerals in the slab; patterns, colour, veins and thickness of the stone; country it was sourced from. Some granite stones also exhibit dynamism in colour. All these go a long way to determine the final market price.

Characteristic hardness is exhibited by the lower tier and it is solely for the purpose of commercial sales, which will facilitate a relatively reduced price to the first and high tiers. However there are some stones that are cut thin for the aim of being much more affordable than the two earlier mentioned. Here the stones are hardly 2cm, rather than the usual 3cm. The handler is required to add plywood behind it so as to fortify the strength; nevertheless it should never be misconstrued that it will be weak to serve its purpose. Typically, suppliers will deal in this type for discount.

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