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Sam D. Mann

20 September 2009

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Becoming Too Engrossed in Computer Games

by Edward Elric

One of the oldest marketing tricks of promoting a PC game by any advertiser is by not declaring its price right in the beginning. Instead, the amazing features of the game which the marketer thinks can be the hardcore selling attractions of the game are made public.

The reason behind this is that if the publicity vehicle first discloses the price, then the consumer's concentration is immediately diverted upon the price rather than the features and benefits of the game. While, by doing the contrary, the features are given full space to make their own positions in the minds of the customer, and the customer in return assigns a certain amount of value to the various features available.

Although the price announcement is delayed in advertisements, it is usually not foregone altogether. Giving the price at the end can be the final move that fully convinces a viewer to make the purchase. However, if the price is too high, then there is no chance of success, which is why a price must be carefully decided on.

For a certain section of people, PC games are just a medium of escaping the real world for a particular period of time. However, it can turn in to an obsession for some. RPG games that succeed always do so because of the interesting assortment of characters that they carry and the storylines upon which they act.

A magical feeling has to be made a part of the customer's gaming experience through the settings in order to make it the most wanted game, and the more the attention required to succeed in a game, the better the user feels. Sometimes it is the multiplayer games that draw the attention of a lot of consumers because he/she will get a chance to play with friends at the same time. Then, there are some users who do not prefer multiplayer and would rather be alone.

One of the most addicting games out there is World of Warcraft. This MMORPG (massively multiplayer online role playing game) has been around for many years and has roots in single-player games.

The thing about World of Warcraft is the massive amount of room there is to do exploring. Due to the wide open areas and the amount of things you can do, people can literally spend days just playing World of Warcraft.

Although games can be extremely fun, sometimes we need to put it down and do something else. This is necessary for a variety of reasons, from self-sustainability to work productivity. However, you should not give up anything completely that you love; the name of the game is moderation!

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